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Sales Development Representative

Sales Development Representative

Date Posted:
February 6, 2023

About us

Notable is a strategic marketing and communications firm for B2B organizations. We specialize in brand strategy, content development, and design, and our firm is best known for our ability to make complex (often technical) companies more approachable, lovable, and sellable.

​Our clients – predominantly operating in niche segments of the professional services, technology, sciences, and health care innovation sectors – lean on us to help them generate pipeline, accelerate sales, secure fundraising, and bring new offerings to market with unrivaled speed and efficiency.    We achieve these outcomes through our battle-tested brand strategy and product marketing frameworks, as well as our content marketing programs that place our clients’ content in channels where their niche buyers can be reached.

Job Description

This is a remote position.

As a Sales Development Representative at Notable, you will play a key role in evangelizing our innovative approach to B2B marketing and communications and helping us get in front of the customers who need our services. This is not just a sales role, it is an opportunity to be a part of a dynamic and passionate team that is dedicated to advancing B2B companies who are solving real problems and redefining their categories.

In this role, you will be selling an enterprise set of solutions that are at the cutting edge of the drastically evolving B2B marketing, PR, and communications industries. At Notable, we believe that “Education is the new marketing,” and that “Brands that give more, get more.” As consumers become increasingly aware of how technology companies have mishandled their data and inappropriately surveyed them to track their behavior and advertise to them, our team has developed a new approach to B2B marketing that re-frames customer generation as a function of attraction rather than capture. Our flagship program, Brand 360, provides market education and content development at scale, helping our clients create multiple touchpoints and opportunities to be organically discovered through product-adjacent thought leadership, shifting the focus from finding customers to allowing customers to find you in their self-guided research process.

You will have the opportunity to work directly with our CEO, who has bootstrapped the company using founder-led sales, and who will provide you with invaluable experience and insight into what motivates our clients, and what sets our firm apart when working with B2B companies who are selling complex solutions, managed services, and innovative technologies to highly sophisticated buyers that ordinary marketing firms have a difficult time understanding.  This role will expose you to the inside and outs of our clients' industries, providing a unique opportunity to gain a deep understanding of how B2B businesses operate and how they can be transformed through effective messaging and digitally-enabled storytelling.

Responsibilities & Key Result Areas (KRAs)

Lead Prospecting

Generating a high volume of Sales Qualified Leads requires a deep understanding of our Ideal Customer Profile, combined with strong research skills to source contact information and identify exactly how prospective leads can be reached. To lay the groundwork for your outbound prospecting, you will assemble, add to, update, and expand upon a database of prospective customer contact information.


• Working closely with management to develop a deep understanding of our the firmographic criteria that define our Ideal Customer Profile, including industry, geography, company size, and more
• Identifying prospective customers who qualify for and would benefit from two primary product lines:

  1. Brand 360 – integrated brand marketing program, content-as-a-service (MRR program)
  2. Branding & Web Design – foundational brand-building projects (one-time, project-based)

• Performing industry and market research on a daily basis based on our product and ICP, to assemble
list of raw contact information of our target decision makers, using the following technology stack:

  1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator – to identify companies & decision makers and track recent job moves
  2. LinkedIn Jobs – to identify companies that are hiring for roles that our offerings could replace
  3. – to quickly find contact information for prospect meetings exact search criteria
  4. Hunter or Scrapp – to identify a contact’s business email, then validate it using Neverbounce

• Importing all contact information into Zoho CRM, while adhering to a pristine standard of data hygiene including tagging leads to relevant industries, adding relevant notes, and updating outreach statuses
• Finding creative ways to reverse engineer where our Ideal Customers can be found, and leveraging the research skills of our Administrative Services Manager to expand our list-building efforts into more nuanced lists, which may include but are not limited to B2B companies that:

  1. Are actively hiring for Content Marketing roles with salaries in excess of $100k per year
  2. Were recently funded by Rev1 Ventures, a local venture firm we are partnered with
  3. Growth-stage emerging technology companies that recently raised a Series B or C round


Every prospect that needs our services, but doesn’t know it yet, is a customer left underserved, and revenue left on the table that directly limits our firm’s growth. That’s where you come in. Every prospect you find brings us closer to our total addressable market, and the diligence you put into your prospecting research will directly influence the rate of conversion to Sales Qualified Leads, and thus, both your and the firm’s success.

Outbound Lead Generation

When it comes to enterprise sales, outbound lead generation is not a “spray and pray” motion. While quantity is certainly a part of the equation, quality is of equal importance given the enterprise pricing of our offerings, the level of competition and inundation our prospects already receive from companies making empty promises to grow their businesses, as well as the amount of diligence that goes into procuring a marketing and communications firm to represent clients whose complexity and nuance is often misunderstood by creative marketing agencies, creating a natural hesitancy. Our specialization and our strong understanding of our clients’ pain points are critical levers in our messaging, and the right SDR knows how to marry this quality of detail with a high quantity of outreach to ultimately achieve quota.


• Performing a secondary level of research on companies and their decision marker prior to crafting an outreach, to ensure that messaging is highly relevant, personalized, and aligns our USPs to their pains
• Leveraging Loom to record personalized video messaged to embed in emails and LinkedIn messages
• Leveraging the ability to send voice notes/memos in LinkedIn to personalize outreach to prospects
• Establishing the first point of contact with prospects, with the goal of progressing interested prospects to the next stage of the sales process: a 30 minute Discovery / Pre-Qualification call led by you
• Taking a multi-touchpoint approach to sales outreach, by tastefully reaching out to prospects on multiple remote channels, including cold calling, email, and LinkedIn messages
• Recording any and all outreach activities with prospects in Zoho CRM, and updating Lead modules to reflect when leads have responded, to indicate their level of interest/engagement
• Scheduling follow-up Tasks in Zoho CRM to ensure that no Lead is left unattended to, and that there is always a next motion planned
• On occasion, attending in-person events, conferences, and meet ups that are likely to aggregate groups that are highly concentrated with prospective buyers that align our ICP
• A/B Testing your outreach methods and refine your preferred channels based on your success rate


The limiting factor of our growth will always be the number of customers we can get in front of. For this reason, the labor of SDRs like you has the power to quite literally unlock the growth potential of our company in ways that could never be done otherwise. Every interaction you make with a prospect – especially the first one – makes a monumental impact. As an evangelist of our company, your interactions with prospects shape the perception of our firm, lay the groundwork for a highly valuable relationship, while also planting the seed for what would become an enriching professional connection for your own network, for years to come.

Discovery Calls & Pre-qualification

Discovery Calls mark the beginning of the formal sales process. Once a prospect has indicated that they are interested, the Discovery Call is a short 20-30 minutes call intended for you to get the know the customer, understand their pain paints, gauge their interest and budget to solve the problem, briefly introduce our solution(s), and determine if they are interested in progressing to a “Demo” call to explore the offerings further with an AE or the CEO, as well as potentially some technical team members.


• Preparing for Discovery Calls with interested prospects by performing research to understand the prospects business, infer where our solutions (brand development and marketing-as-as-service) may fit into the context of their overall business objectives, and, to the best extent possible, analyze the present state of their branding and marketing activities (website, social, blog, etc.) to prepare ideas
• Creating Discovery Call Agendas and sending a simplified version to your prospect ahead of time, to give them an idea of what to expect, as well as to confirm the meeting and increase attendance rate
• Creating Needs Analysis checklists to frame your conversations and help you extract:

  1. Problems and pain points
  2. Desired outcomes
  3. Timelines and urgency
  4. Budget and spending capacity
  5. Key point of contact or decision makers etc.
  6. If they qualify for our product(s), and if so, which

• Performing the Discovery Call with the intention of establishing a relationship with the prospect, introducing Notable and its capabilities, understanding their needs, and determining if it makes sense to categorize the prospect as a Sales Qualified Lead who has potential to buy now or in the future
• Identifying immediate or mid to near-term Sales Qualified Opportunities and persuading prospects to move through the process to a Solution/Demo call, to explore the solution further with an AE present
• Coordinating with and send out meeting invites for the Solution/Demo call, and tracking meeting outcomes then coordinating with the prospect and the CEO with regards to next steps
• Recording conversation details and adding key notes, insights, and interactions into the CRM
• Identifying prospects who meet the criteria of SQLs but do not have an immediate need (opportunity) and scheduling tasks to follow up at a later date, as well as entering them into marketing cadences


As the owner of the top of the funnel, your diligence in the prequalification process sets our AEs and the CEO up to successfully close the deal. The more thorough the prequalification process, the better SQLs, and the easier it is to close, creating more revenue for the business – and upside commission that you get to share in.

Lead Nurturing & Management

Following a Discovery/Pre qualification Call, it is common that a prospect may be qualified to buy from us, but doesn’t have an immediate need yet, or anticipates that they may need our services but several months out. In such cases where a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) hasn’t yet yielded a Sales-Qualified Opportunity (SQO), you will continue to own the relationship with that Lead, nurturing them and scheduling follow up activities until an Opportunity eventually arises to involve an AE or the CEO.


• Scheduling follow-up activities after Discovery/Prequalification Calls for SQLs who demonstrated synergy and interest but didn’t have an immediate need (Opportunity)
• Making check-in calls and sending follow-up messages via email, text, and LinkedIn to check in with prospects, stay top of mind, and farm for Opportunities to formalize and pass on to the closing team
• Actively finding creative and relevant ways to engage SQLs, such as sending them articles or videos
• Leveraging our marketing resources to stay in front of prospects, including:

  1. Importing SQLs into our marketing database for monthly email campaigns
  2. Inviting prospects to follow Notable’s LinkedIn page for useful content
  3. Inviting our prospects to in-person events or webinars
  4. Sending them relevant case studies

• Using our marketing technology stack, and the CRM, to monitor the SQLs brand engagement on the website, with email campaigns, etc. to properly time outreach


Re-engaging dormant leads and keeping in touch with warm ones can save our firm from leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue on the table, creating more upside for the firm – and your commissions.


Required Skills and Expertise

Success in this role will be most dependent upon the blending of these three skill sets:

  1. Self-Guided Research
    You see the internet for the galaxy of free information that it is, and you are adept at leveraging technology to find answers – from customer contact information, to how-to videos to help you upskill your sales repertoire each day.
  1. Communication & Presentation Skills
    Words are powerful, and you understand that. You are well-spoken, comfortable in front of strangers, and know how to position language to capture attention and persuade. Communicating is an art that comes naturally to you, both in spoken and in written form.
  1. Relationship Building
    You got into sales because you love people, and the idea of being compensated for building relationships with and serving them is what drew you to this field. While quotas are critical, the people behind them are even more so, and you recognize that when all is said and done, our job is to do right by people. When we do, the rest falls into place.

The Hard Skill Set

- Required hard skills and professional experience:
  • 2+ Years’ Experience in Enterprise B2B Sales
  • Proven experience as an SDR, BDR, Inside Sales Representative, or a similar role is advantageous
  • Experience selling to B2B accounts and navigating complex sales cycles with multiple decision makers
  • Experience selling software or managed services on a recurring revenue basis with an AOV of $50k+
  • Hands-on experience with multiple sales prospecting techniques like cold calling, emailing and social outreach.
  • Track record of achieving sales quotas consistently
  • Proficient understanding of sales performance metrics

Software Skills

  • Experience working with a CRM for e.g., Salesforce or Zoho
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Other Prospecting tools and Sales/Revenue Intelligence tools are a plus
  • Google Sheets and/or Excel
  • Google Slides and Google Docs

Communication Skills

  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills
  • Ability to deliver engaging presentations


Salary & Compensation

Our SDR compensation model is designed to encourage a symbiotic partnership between our sourcing team and our closing team. Our hybrid compensation model provides a steady base salary, while compensation SDRs on the number of Solution Presentation / Demo Calls (the second call, following the short pre-qualifying call) booked, along with a percentage of revenue closed from leads sourced by them. This model incentivizes our sales representatives to source and qualify the highest quality leads, and allows them to share in the upside reward when their leads convert into real revenue, commensurate with the size/value of the relationship.

Compensation Structure for SDRs:

$80,000 = $40,000 (Base Salary)+ $100/Sales-Qualified Demo Meeting Booked + 1% of closed sourced revenue



All employees are eligible to participate in our company-sponsored 401k plan, and our partners at Slavic401k can help merge any existing 401k accounts you have. Participating employees can receive a matching employer contribution of up to 3.5% of their annual salary.


All full-time employees receive a vacation and are encouraged to use this time to ensure balance and prioritization of health, important family events, vacation, and overall well-being. You will receive 22 total days of vacation per year, which fall into two buckets:

  • Company wide holidays (10 days)
  • Paid Time Off (12 Days)


Notable utilizes a Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement (QSEHRA), whereby employees not covered by an existing health insurance plan can purchase an individual insurance plan on the Health Insurance Marketplace®, and we will provide a monthly healthcare stipend that can be used to subsidize your monthly insurance premium and can also be applied to any qualified out-of-pocket healthcare expenses including but not limited to prescription drugs, mental health services, or vision and dental care (see the complete list here). Our QSEHRA consists of a $325/mo nontaxable healthcare reimbursement stipend, processed monthly. To receive the monthly stipend, by law, you must submit proof of coverage and expenses incurred for your policy to our HR & Admin team, as well as any additional applicable expenses.

Job Title:
Sales Development Representative
Job Level:
L1: Full Time
Date Posted:
February 6, 2023
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