Lean teams, niche audiences, and complex business models demand a different type of marketing partner.

Notable was founded to provide peace of mind and confidence to B2B founders and marketing leaders in need of a trusted external partner. Originally part of a creative agency, we spun off an entirely new business in 2022 after realizing that the industry-agnostic agency model was leaving complex B2B companies underserved and their leadership frustrated. From our inception, we sought to build our firm differently.

The Brains of a Consultancy

Our clients need creative thinking, but traditional branding exercises often focus on the individual and not the Account. Selling to enterprises is a different beast, and clients need a team that can apply creativity to complex business dynamics.

The Brawn of a Creative Agency

Clients shouldn’t be tasked with feeding strategy decks to a creative team that had no part in shaping them. The two disciplines need to be housed under one roof, and they both need to be kept close to the client and involved from day one.

A Client-Friendly Pod Model

Clients want – and are paying for – access to great talent, not project managers. Niche industries take time to understand, and that requires a flat, cross-functional staffing model that keeps a consistent team engaged and accessible to the client.

An Academic Approach to Hiring

B2Bs need a team that is deepy inquisitive and that wants to know all there is to know about the world around them. Intellectual curiosity yields better questions, and those questions uncover more profound insights to inform strategy.


Purpose-built to save you time, cost, and handholding.

We're 100% focused on B2B.

There’s a difference between selling to a consumer and selling to a boardroom. We thrive on helping our clients navigate the challenges and reap the rewards of the latter. While our creative team could also support consumer brands, we choose not to. We partner with clients whose challenges and learnings can be extrapolated and applied to our entire book of business. Our focus helps all of our clients win.

We love industry nuance.

Not every writer can sit with an engineer or CEO and tease out the nuances of their business to write about it effectively. That’s why we hire a specific breed of writers – senior enough to be comfortable in the boardroom, and trained to write for niche industries, making your message understandable – and meaningful – to decision makers.

We don’t just ideate – we do.

Strategy is baked into every engagement, with the intention of implementing it immediately upon signoff. Developing creative should never be an afterthought, which is why we employ a full-service team of designers, developers, and production specialists. You don’t have to manage this process. Briefs, copy, design – we handle it for you.

We keep you close to the talent.

Our pod-based structure provides you with a cross-functional team whose knowledge of your business compounds as the relationship matures. These pods are fairly flat, and they keep the same talent working on your account, drastically accelerating our learning curve, while alleviating the game of “agency telephone.”

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