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Account Executive

Account Executive

Date Posted:
May 15, 2023

About us

Notable is a strategic marketing and communications firm for B2B organizations. We specialize in brand strategy, content development, and design, and our firm is best known for our ability to make complex (often technical) companies more approachable, lovable, and sellable.

​Our clients – predominantly operating in niche segments of the professional services, technology, sciences, and health care innovation sectors – lean on us to help them generate pipeline, accelerate sales, secure fundraising, and bring new offerings to market with unrivaled speed and efficiency.    We achieve these outcomes through our battle-tested brand strategy and product marketing frameworks, as well as our content marketing programs that place our clients’ content in channels where their niche buyers can be reached.

Job Description

As an Account Executive at Notable, you will play a key role in evangelizing our innovative approach to B2B marketing and communications and helping us convert the leads to customers who need our services. This is not just a sales role, it is an opportunity to be a part of a dynamic and passionate team that is dedicated to advancing B2B companies who are solving real problems and redefining their categories.

In this role, you will be selling an enterprise set of solutions that are at the cutting edge of the drastically evolving B2B marketing, PR, and communications industries. At Notable, we believe that “Education is the new marketing,” and that “Brands that give more, get more.” As consumers become increasingly aware of how technology companies have mishandled their data and inappropriately surveyed them in order to track their behavior and advertise to them, our team has developed a new approach to B2B marketing that reframes customer generation as a function of attraction rather than capture. Our flagship program, Brand 360, provides market education and content development at scale, helping our clients create multiple touchpoints and opportunities to be organically discovered through product-adjacent thought leadership, shifting the focus from finding customers to allowing customers to find you in their self-guided research process.

You will have the opportunity to work directly with the Head of Sales, who will provide you with invaluable experience and insight into what motivates our clients, and what sets our firm apart when working with B2B companies who are selling complex solutions, managed services, and innovative technologies to highly sophisticated buyers that ordinary marketing firms have a difficult time understanding. This role will expose you to the inside and outs of our clients' industries, providing a unique opportunity to gain a deep understanding of how B2B businesses operate and how they can be transformed through effective messaging and digitally-enabled storytelling.

Responsibilities & Key Result Areas (KRAs)

1. Revenue Generation

Revenue Generation is a key responsibility for the company. You will be responsible for driving sales and achieving revenue targets through effective sales pipeline management, sales presentations and proposals, and client relationship management.

Your primary focus will be on generating revenue by identifying and qualifying new leads, creating and maintaining a robust sales pipeline, and effectively managing deals through the sales process to closure. This will involve understanding customer needs and challenges, effectively communicating the value proposition of our products and services, and developing customized solutions to meet their specific needs.

You will also be responsible for creating compelling sales presentations and proposals that effectively communicate our value proposition to potential clients. You should be able to customize presentations and proposals to the specific needs and challenges of each client, and effectively communicate the benefits and value of our products and services.

Additionally, you will be responsible for building strong relationships with clients to understand their business needs, challenges and objectives. You should be able to effectively communicate with clients at all levels of their organization, and develop strategies for client retention and growth.

Overall, your ability to generate revenue for the company will be critical to your success in this role. This will involve a combination of strong sales skills, effective communication, and a deep understanding of our products and services, as well as the needs of our customers.


  • Working closely with management to develop a deep understanding of our products and service offerings and develop sales strategies, materials and promotions.
  • Identify opportunities to upsell or cross-sell additional products or services to clients to increase revenue.
  • Set performance targets for SDRs and work with them to develop action plans to achieve these targets.
  • Set up demo meetings with prospective customers who qualify for and would benefit from two primary product lines:
  • Brand 360 – integrated brand marketing program, content-as-a-service (MRR program)
  • Branding & Web Design – foundational brand-building projects (one-time, project-based)


Enable us to build relationships with potential customers, identify opportunities, close deals, and maximize revenue with the deep understanding of the market and the needs of potential customers which as a result would provide financial sustainability, increases investor confidence, helps with hiring and retaining employees, and allows the company to gain market share.

2. Sales Pipeline Management

This involves managing the entire sales process, from lead generation to deal closure, in order to achieve revenue targets and drive business growth. Your key responsibilities in sales pipeline management will include identifying and qualifying new leads, tracking and maintaining a robust sales pipeline, and effectively managing deals through each stage of the sales process. This will involve close collaboration with other members of the sales team, including Sales Development Representatives (SDRs), sales managers, and other account executives.

To effectively manage the sales pipeline, you will need to develop a deep understanding of our products and services, as well as the needs and challenges of our customers. You will also need to be able to effectively communicate the value proposition of our offerings to potential clients, and develop customized solutions to meet their specific needs.
In addition, you will be responsible for forecasting revenue projections based on your pipeline, and developing strategies to accelerate pipeline velocity and close deals more quickly. This may involve developing targeted marketing campaigns, identifying and pursuing new business opportunities, and building strong relationships with key decision-makers at target accounts.

Overall, effective sales pipeline management is critical to the success of our business, and as an Account Executive, you will play a key role in driving revenue growth through strategic pipeline management and deal closure.


  • Follow up with qualified leads and engage them in conversations to determine their specific needs and requirements.
  • Move qualified leads through the sales process, including scheduling meetings, conducting presentations and product demonstrations, and negotiating contracts.
  • Review and update sales forecasts to ensure accurate projections of future sales.
  • Taking a multi-touchpoint approach to sales outreach, by tactfully reaching out to prospects on multiple remote channels, including cold calling, email, and LinkedIn messages

  • Managing and updating all information, realtime into Zoho CRM, while adhering to a pristine standard of data hygiene including tagging leads to relevant industries, adding relevant notes, and updating outreach statuses including but not limited to tracking and analyzing customer interactions and sales performance metrics.
  • Collaborate with SDRs and scheduling follow-up Tasks in Zoho CRM to ensure that no Lead is left unattended to, and that there is always a next motion planned 
  • On occasion, attending in-person events, conferences, and meet ups that are likely to aggregate groups that are highly concentrated with prospective buyers that align our ICP
  • Generate daily, weekly, and monthly reports on sales performance, including pipeline metrics,   conversion rates, and revenue targets.


Enable the management to make informed decisions about resource allocation, budgeting, and product development by providing accurate forecasts, identifying and qualifying leads, managing deals, and maintaining relationships with customers helping the company to ensure a steady flow of revenue and a healthy sales pipeline and also manage negotiations, addressing customer concerns, and ensuring documentation is in order which can help to drive revenue growth, allocate resources effectively, increase investor confidence, and provide a competitive advantage.

3. Sales Presentation & Proposals

Create compelling sales presentations and proposals that effectively communicate the value proposition of our products and services to potential clients.

Your key responsibilities in this area will include developing a deep understanding of our products and services, as well as the needs and challenges of our target customers. You will also need to be able to customize presentations and proposals to the specific needs and challenges of each client, and effectively communicate the benefits and value of our offerings to potential clients.

To effectively create sales presentations and proposals, you will need to work closely with other members of the sales team, including Sales Development Representatives (SDRs), sales managers, and other account executives. This will involve gathering input and feedback from these team members, as well as collaborating with them to develop customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each client.

In addition to creating compelling sales presentations and proposals, you will also be responsible for delivering these presentations and proposals to potential clients, and effectively addressing any questions or concerns they may have. This will require excellent communication and interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to build rapport and establish trust with potential clients.

Overall, your ability to create effective sales presentations and proposals will be critical to your success in this role. By effectively communicating the value proposition of our offerings to potential clients, you will be able to drive business growth and revenue generation for our company.


  • Design and prepare professional presentations and proposals tailored to the needs of each client or prospect.
  • Collaborate with SDRs to understand the needs analysis and design the sales presentations considering such Needs Analysis which may include the following and customize proposals based on the client's specific needs, incorporating solutions to address any concerns or objections.
  • ~Problems and pain points
  • ~Desired outcomes
  • ~Timelines and urgency
  • ~Budget and spending capacity
  • ~Key point of contact or decision makers etc.
  • ~If they qualify for our product(s), and if so, which
  • Meet with clients in person or virtually to present proposals and answer any questions they may have.
  • Develop sales collateral such as case studies, whitepapers, and customer testimonials to support the sales process.
  • Customize sales presentations and proposals to highlight the features and benefits of the company's products and services.
  • Coordinating with and send out meeting invites for the Solution/Demo call, and tracking meeting outcomes, then coordinating with the prospect and the head of Sales with regards to next steps


Convert leads into customers, build credibility, increase revenue, and secure funding by understanding customer pain points, develop persuasive proposals, present with confidence, and follow up effectively to demonstrate commitment to customer satisfaction which can increase the likelihood of a successful sale and drive revenue growth for the company.

4. Client Relationship Management

Build and maintain strong relationships with our clients. Effective client relationship management is critical to our business success, as it helps to build trust, drive customer satisfaction, and generate repeat business and referrals.

Your key responsibilities in client relationship management will include understanding the needs and challenges of our clients, communicating regularly with them to address any questions or concerns, and proactively identifying opportunities to add value to their business. This may involve cross-selling or upselling our products and services, identifying new use cases for our offerings, or providing advice and guidance on industry trends and best practices.

To effectively manage client relationships, you will need to develop a deep understanding of our clients' businesses, as well as their pain points, goals, and objectives. This will require excellent communication and interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to build trust and establish long-term relationships with key decision-makers at our client organizations.

You will also need to work closely with other members of our team, including Sales Development Representatives (SDRs), sales engineers, and customer success managers, to ensure that we are delivering value to our clients at every stage of the customer journey. This will involve collaborating with these team members to develop customized solutions that meet the specific needs of each client, as well as providing regular updates and progress reports to our clients.

Overall, effective client relationship management is critical to the success of our business, and as an Account Executive, you will play a key role in building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients to drive customer satisfaction, retention, and business growth.


  • Communicate with clients regularly through various channels such as email, phone, and social media to stay up-to-date on their needs and maintain a positive relationship.
  • Respond to client inquiries and resolve issues in a timely and professional manner.
  • Schedule and conduct regular meetings with clients to review their account and discuss any updates or changes.
  • Analyze client data to identify trends, anticipate future needs, and make recommendations to improve client satisfaction.
  • Provide excellent customer service by promptly responding to inquiries, addressing concerns, and following up on issues.


Build customer loyalty & trust, improve customer retention, drive revenue growth, and generate referrals by being responsible for maintaining regular communication, responding promptly to inquiries, and ensuring that clients feel valued and supported which will ultimately build strong relationships with clients, enable us to identify opportunities for upselling or cross-selling and resolve issues promptly and effectively with providing valuable feedback to the company. 

5. Mentoring & Coaching SDRs

You will be responsible for mentoring and coaching our Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) to help them develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their roles.

Your key responsibilities in this area will include providing ongoing guidance and support to our SDRs, helping them to identify new leads and opportunities, and providing feedback and coaching to help them improve their performance. This may involve developing training programs, providing one-on-one coaching sessions, and working closely with our SDRs to help them develop effective prospecting and outreach strategies.

To effectively mentor and coach our SDRs, you will need to have a deep understanding of our products and services, as well as the sales process and best practices for lead generation and qualification. You will also need to be able to communicate effectively and build strong relationships with our SDRs, as well as identify areas where they can improve and provide constructive feedback to help them reach their full potential.

In addition to mentoring and coaching our SDRs, you will also be responsible for collaborating closely with them to ensure that they are aligned with our sales goals and objectives. This will involve setting clear performance metrics and targets for our SDRs, as well as providing ongoing feedback and support to help them meet these goals.

Overall, effective mentoring and coaching of our SDRs is critical to the success of our sales team, and as an Account Executive, you will play a key role in helping to develop the next generation of sales leaders for our company.


  • Offer guidance to SDRs on sales strategies, techniques, and best practices to improve their performance.
  • Plan and conduct regular training sessions for SDRs on topics such as objection handling, prospecting, and sales pitch development.
  • Conduct regular performance evaluations for SDRs to identify areas for improvement and develop performance improvement plans.
  • Provide ongoing feedback to SDRs on their performance, identifying strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Using our marketing technology stack, and the CRM, analyze sales data to identify trends and develop strategies to improve the overall performance of the SDR team.
  • Motivate and encourage SDRs to achieve their targets and recognize their achievements and stay up-to-date on industry trends and changes in the competitive landscape to continuously improve coaching and mentoring strategies.


Build a strong sales team, increase productivity, reduce turnover, and foster a culture of learning by being a model with a strong work ethic, effective communication skills, and commitment to customer service to inspire SDRs which can help them to develop the skills they need to be successful and contribute to the overall success of the sales team.

6. Product/Service Knowledge & Continuous Learning

It is essential that you have a deep understanding of our products and services, as well as the broader industry landscape in which we operate. To excel in this role, you will need to continually update your knowledge and skills through ongoing learning and development.

Your key responsibilities in this area will include staying up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in our industry, as well as continually expanding your knowledge of our products and services. This may involve attending industry conferences and events, reading industry publications and reports, and participating in ongoing training and development programs.

To effectively demonstrate your product/service knowledge, you will need to be able to articulate the features, benefits, and unique value proposition of our offerings to potential clients. You will also need to be able to identify and communicate how our products and services can meet the specific needs and challenges of each client.

In addition to staying up-to-date with industry trends and product/service knowledge, you will also need to be open to continuous learning and development. This may involve seeking feedback from colleagues and mentors, as well as taking on new challenges and opportunities to expand your skills and expertise.

Overall, your ability to continually update your product/service knowledge and skills will be critical to your success as an Account Executive. By staying up-to-date with the latest trends and developments, and continually expanding your knowledge and skills, you will be able to effectively communicate the value proposition of our offerings to potential clients, and drive revenue growth for our company.


  • Stay up-to-date on the company's products and services, as well as industry trends and changes in the competitive landscape.
  • Conduct research on new products and services to analyze customer needs to identify potential new offerings.
  • Attend training sessions and company meetings to stay up-to-date on product & service updates and changes.
  • Work closely with product teams to stay informed about upcoming releases, new features, and product roadmaps.
  • Collaborate with Marketing, Client Services and SDRs to ensure that messaging and collateral are aligned with product and service offerings and are up-to-date on industry trends and changes in the competitive landscape to continuously improve product and service knowledge.
  • Document the learnings from every deal with respect to the dynamics at every stage of the sales cycle to enable the management team and the Sales team to strategize and take adequate action and or measures to alleviate such uncertainties or unforeseen situations.


Identify new opportunities that can drive growth and revenue by staying informed and continuously learning to provide better customer experiences, increase sales, maintain a competitive advantage, drive innovation, and increase employee engagement which can position the company for long-term growth and success.


Required Skills & Expertise

Success in this role will be most dependent upon the blending of these five skill sets:

  1. Self-Guided Research
    You see the internet for the galaxy of free information that it is, and you are adept at leveraging technology to find answers – from customer contact information, to how-to videos to help you upskill your sales repertoire each day.
  1. Communication & Presentation Skills
    Words are powerful, and you understand that. You are well-spoken, comfortable in front of strangers, and know how to position language to capture attention and persuade. Communicating is an art that comes naturally to you, both in spoken and in written form.
  1. Relationship Building
    You got into sales because you love people, and the idea of being compensated for building relationships with and serving them is what drew you to this field. While quotas are critical, the people behind them are even more so, and you recognize that when all is said and done, our job is to do right by people. When we do, the rest falls into place.
  1. Contract Negotiation
    Negotiating on the contractual terms is an important aspect in the process of closing a deal. However, this also has to be concluded/viewed as a win-win situation which means you need to have a greater understanding of the Client requirements and step into the Client’s shoes before the negotiations are pitched.
  1. Proven Closing Experience
    Any proven closing experience on deals would be an added advantage. This would save considerable time for the Sr. leadership team from the Sales department and expedite the turnaround time for the onboarding process.


While we encourage candidates with diverse experience to apply, we anticipate that candidates coming from these backgrounds are likely to possess the skills this role requires and therefore find it to be a natural fit:

  • BDR or Account Executive for Professional or Managed Services
    Whether you cut your teeth in a financial firm, learned sales at an IT services provider, or developed your sales skills at a B2B consulting firm, you have experience calling on highly-sophisticated individuals and uncovering six to eight figure opportunities, often requiring you to quarterback a highly consultative sale with multiple stakeholders.
  • SDR for Enterprise Sales
    You’ve sold an expensive solution that could be seen as a “nice to have'' by those getting by without it. You’re familiar with selling to multiple decision makers, and you know the value – and nuance – of a recurring revenue sale. Moreover, you likely know the feeling of being a salesperson without proper marketing support, the very problem that our services are intended to solve – to arm sales people with better content, messaging, and inbound demand.


As in any company, daily duties can change as the business grows and evolves. That’s why we group daily responsibilities into Key Result Areas, which are also known as KRAs. These are the overarching business functions that you will be responsible for and assume ownership of the day-to-day duties that comprise your role will all fall into one of these categories, which are described in detail in the following pages.

  1. Revenue Generation
  1. Sales Pipeline Management 
  1. Sales Presentation & Proposals
  1. Client Relationship Management
  1. Mentoring & Coaching SDR’s
  1. Product/Service Knowledge & Continuous Learning

Qualifications for This Role

There is no set career path that best qualifies one for the responsibilities of this role. That said, where there is no single ingredient that ensures success, there are a few hard skills that are required to excel in this role.


–  Required hard skills and professional experience:

  • 2+ Years’ Experience in Enterprise B2B Sales
  • ~Proven experience as an Account Executive for 1-2 years 
  • ~At least 3-5 years of SDR, BDR, Inside Sales Representative, or a similar role is advantageous
  • ~Experience selling to B2B accounts and navigating complex sales cycles with multiple decision makers
  • ~Experience selling software or managed services on a recurring revenue basis with an AOV of $50k+
  • ~Hands-on experience with multiple sales prospecting techniques like cold calling, emailing and social outreach.
  • ~Experience with sales techniques like Demo presentations, solution selling, navigating the sales cycles and relationship management
  • ~Track record of achieving sales quotas consistently
  • ~Proficient understanding of sales performance metrics

  • Software Skills
  • ~Experience working with a CRM for e.g., Salesforce, HubSpot or Zoho
  • ~LinkedIn Sales Navigator 
  • ~Other Prospecting tools and Sales/Revenue Intelligence tools are a plus
  • ~Google Sheets and/or Excel
  • ~Google Slides and Google Docs

  • Communication Skills
  • ~Excellent communication and negotiation skills
  • ~Ability to deliver engaging presentations 


–  What it takes to thrive and find success here:

  • Growth Mindset
    At a certain point, money is a commodity to you, but when it comes to learning, experience, and personal growth, there is no higher leverage than the ability to grow and get better. Whether that means improving your sales skills, growing your business acumen, deepening your product knowledge, or learning alongside a senior team, you value the ability to improve and cherish the opportunity to be mentored and constructively coached.
  • Performance-Driven & Accountable
    You don’t take your role lightly, and you are strongly committed to performing. To you, making quota is a torch-bearing duty to support your team and uplift the firm whose growth depends on your activities. Exceeding quota is your self-imposed expectation, and you’re ready to ask for help, resources, and guidance to get there.
  • Servant Leadership
    You view sales as a direct manifestation of an unwavering desire to add value, to solve problems, and to ultimately serve others. Your style exudes respect, empathy, and confidence to customers and your teammates.
  • Intellectual Curiosity
    A natural extension of your empathy for our customers, you seek to know and understand the insides and outs of their industries and what makes their jobs challenging. Learning our products and learning our clients’ businesses isn’t just about being a better salesperson, it’s about better understanding this fascinating world in which we live, and continually evolving and growing your knowledge set to adapt, doing so with excitement.
  • Relationship Building
    Strong relationship-building skills, including the ability to build trust and establish long-term relationships with key decision-makers at our client organizations.
  • Time Management
    Excellent time management and organizational skills, with the ability to manage multiple projects and priorities simultaneously.
  • Analytical Skills
    Strong analytical skills, including the ability to analyze sales data and metrics, develop insights, and make data-driven decisions, are important.




This position is an L1 Designation, which is a Full-Time role. L1 (Full-Time) positions are integral to the health and performance of our organization. As a permanent member of our team, you become a critical part of the fabric that holds our company together, taking an active role in helping shape our culture, ensuring the quality of our service delivery, and serving as an ambassador for our company’s mission both externally and for new hires. 


This role requires 40 hours per week as a standard commitment. Our most successful team members expect that around 20% of the time, there will be longer weeks nearing 45 or slightly more hours of work, and that on occasion, there may be lighter weeks whereby your work may be completed in slightly less than 40 hours. 

We do not “count clocks” or micromanage time cards, rather, we expect that all full time employees take the responsibilities of their role seriously and fulfill their working hour commitments consistently and with integrity. 


This position reports directly to the Head of Sales.


jIn an effort to adhere to our team’s global radius, as well as to the individual preferences and optimal productivity of each employee, we offer a degree of flexibility for employees to choose when they work. 

To that end, we adhere to the following protocols across our company:

  1. Common Working Hours
    We have staff across the globe and in a number of domestic time zones too. This doesn’t change the fact that most of our clients run on Eastern Time, and our ability to be available to them is crucial. To that extent, all of our staff must be online during our Common Working Hours, which are 11:00 am – 4:00 pm EST. “Online” means in a permanent location (desk, coworking space, etc.) suitable for taking video calls with clients and colleagues, available on-demand for instant responses to messages, emails, and ad-hoc meetings/collaboration.
  1. Flex Block
    Common Working Hours encompass 4.5 – 5 hours of the work day, (give or take a meal break). As a full time employee, the remaining 3 hours of your work day are referred to as your “Flex Block'' and may be worked before Common Working Hours, after this time, or split between the two, per your preferences and optimal productivity. That being said, we encourage you to set a standard time that you stick to each day to maintain a rhythm and to create predictability for team members who may need things from you during the work day. During your Onboarding, your supervisor will work with you to suggest a schedule that optimizes for both efficiency, and balance, in how you deliver your 8 working hours each day.


Staff are welcome to engage in freelance/contract work or side projects at their own discretion, so long as these activities do not take away from their ability to perform their agreed upon commitments to Notable.

This means:

  • Not communicating with or working on freelance clients during Common Working Hours
  • Not communicating with freelance clients or working on “side projects” during your Flex Block
  • Prioritizing Notable first and foremost as your primary place of employment
  • Not working in direct conflict or competition with any qualified Notable clients or prospects


Our firm’s digital presence – namely our website and Linkedin – play an integral role in the initial impressions we make on prospective clients and potential new hires alike. In short, how we show up online directly impacts the clients and talent we attract. At Notable, we share a mutual understanding of and appreciation for the fact that our associates are ambassadors of our brand and play a critical role in shaping our holistic digital presence. 

As such, all L1, L2, and L3 staff are expected to represent themselves under the Notable brand as follows:

  • Listing Notable on LinkedIn as your primary position and place of employment
  • Utilizing Notable’s headshot and profile style guidelines on LinkedIn to represent our brand
  • Showcasing your bio and headshot on the “Team” page of our website
  • Potentially participating in blog, video or other thought leadership content, including but not limited to participating in company videos or podcasts, as well as posting these clips to your own profile as a part of a larger, coordinated content marketing strategy to promote our firm’s activities and brand


As a remote team distributed across the globe, we don’t see each other in person often. Because we are human, and because there are numerous studies exploring the way human beings connect and communicate, we believe that seeing each other is a key part of building excellent relationships with co-workers and with clients. Though cameras-on is the expectation in every meeting, meeting leaders may opt to switch cameras and mics off temporarily during ideation components of a meeting or work session, as research demonstrates that while seeing each other is critical, it can also be distracting while trying to ideate. 


As a global team, for some, there is a learning curve to adapting to accents of our international colleagues. Please acknowledge that your ESL colleagues are demonstrating immense commitment and respect to your culture by speaking English. Be kind and polite if something needs to be repeated. But moreso, as you’re getting adjusted, turn the captions on in Google Meets. They aren’t always accurate but they’re quite close.



Our SDR compensation model is designed to encourage a symbiotic partnership between our sourcing team and our closing team. Our hybrid compensation model provides a steady base salary, while compensation SDRs on the number of Solution Presentation / Demo Calls (the second call, following the short pre-qualifying call) booked, along with a percentage of revenue closed from leads sourced by them. This model incentivizes our sales representatives to source and qualify the highest quality leads, and allows them to share in the upside reward when their leads convert into real revenue, commensurate with the size/value of the relationship.

Compensation Structure for SDRs:

Important Notes & Considerations:

  • Notable’s recurring revenue programs (the primary focus) have an ACV of $120k
  • Notable’s project-based offerings (secondary focus) have an ACV of $50k-$100k 
  • Sales cycles for interested and qualified opportunities generally range from 45 days to 3 months, but may sometimes run longer in the case of unexpected staffing or budget changes in their organizations
  • Base salary is paid on a bi-weekly basis via direct deposit; commissions are paid on a monthly basis

Quota Details:

  • Monthly Meeting Quota = 3 Sales-Qualified Demo Meetings Booked
  • Annual Meeting Quote = 36 Sales-Qualified Demo Meetings Booked
  • Annual Revenue Quota = $4.3 million in Sales-Sourced closed-won revenue, which breaks down to:
  • ~(24) Recurring Revenue Contracts valued at $10k/mo  →  Brand 360 
  • ~(12) One-Time Project Contracts at an average of $75k → Branding & Web Development
  • ~More likely than not, the quote will be met through some combination of both deal types


As a W2 employee, all state, local, and federal taxes will be withheld on your behalf by our payroll provider, Justworks. Upon joining, you will be required to complete several forms including Form W-4, the I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification, a State Tax Withholding form, and a direct deposit form.



All employees are eligible to participate in our company-sponsored 401k plan, and our partners at Slavic401k can help merge any existing 401k accounts you have. Participating employees can receive a matching employer contribution of up to 3.5% of their annual salary. 


All full-time employees receive vacation and are encouraged to use this time to ensure balance and prioritization of health, important family events, vacation, and overall well being. You will receive _____ total days of vacation per year, which fall into two buckets:

  1. Company-Wide Holidays (10 Days)
    Our company observes the following company-wide paid holidays:
  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Eve
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Black Friday
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Eve
  1. Paid Time Off (12 Days)
    You will receive 12 days of PTO per year, accruing at a rate of one day per month. PTO renews on your annual work anniversary and does not carry over. PTO requests must be approved by your supervisor and submitted ahead of time. Acceptance of requests remains subject to the employer, contingent upon circumstances including workload, upcoming deadlines, and other existing obligations. Given that this is a small company whereby time off requires significant team planning to accommodate and ensure duties are fulfilled in your absence, we require significant advanced notice. The reason for this is that we want employees to be able to fully “turn off” while on PTO, and as a small team, proper planning allows us the time necessary to pre-plan for a team member to step out completely and ensure that the client experience remains uninterrupted. Our PTO request and approval requirements are as follows:
  • ~PTO must be requested 1 week ahead of me for 1-2 days off 
  • ~For 3 or more consecutive days off, 3 weeks of advanced notice is required.
  1. Sick and/or Mental Health Days
    Health is your and our #1 priority, therefore, we maintain and protect a No Questions Asked policy surrounding Sick Days and/or Mental Health days.


Notable utilizes a Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement (QSEHRA), whereby employees not covered by an existing health insurance plan can purchase an individual insurance plan on the Health Insurance Marketplace®, and we will provide a monthly healthcare stipend that can be used to subsidize your monthly insurance premium and can also be applied to any qualified out-of-pocket healthcare expenses including but not limited to prescription drugs, mental health services, or vision and dental care (see the complete list here). Our QSEHRA consists of a $325/mo nontaxable healthcare reimbursement stipend, processed monthly. In order to receive the monthly stipend, by law, you must submit proof of coverage and expenses incurred for your policy to our HR & Admin team, as well as any additional applicable expenses.


We do not “count clocks” or micromanage time cards, rather, we expect that all full time employees take the responsibilities of their role seriously and fulfill their working hour commitments consistently and with integrity. For that reason, we don’t track activity or clocking in.


As a company, we are committed to the growth and development of our team, and as such, we encourage you to actively pursue courses, conferences, and other education that will aid in refining your craft and sharpening your professional skill set. At the company’s discretion and for CE programs that align to the long-term focus of our company and its offerings, the company is often willing to provide partial or potentially full reimbursement for participation in these programs. In exchange, we ask for a short summary presentation to your team to inform them about your experience, share key learnings, and recommend tactical actions that our team can implement using what you learned.


While Notable takes pride in our remote culture, we also value the importance of face-to-face interaction for team bonding, shared learning, and jamming out on creative challenges that sometimes just require a whiteboard and Post It notes. We host annual and semi-annual team retreats where teammates can partake in strategy workshops, team bonding activities, and leisure time to catch up with colleagues over drinks or a meal. We aim to explore a new city each retreat.

Job Title:
Account Executive
Job Level:
L1: Full Time
# Positions Available:
On-Target Earnings:
Columbus, OH (Hybrid)
Close Date:
August 1, 2023
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