Marsha Berkson Consulting

The Challenge

Marsha Berkson of Marsha Berkson Consulting came to us looking for a solopreneur looking for sophisticated design services to elevate her brand presence. As a trusted and highly successful CliftonStrengths Coach, her roster of corporate, individual, and nonprofit clients spoke to her excellent reputation and expertise but she needed help constructing a brand identity that matched the caliber of her work.

Our Solution

The beauty of this project was that all the pieces were there, we just needed to convey them and for us, that began with building her a brand from the ground up. The driving philosophy for all of our work was to bring her warmth, personality, and trustworthiness to the forefront of her visual identity. 

We began by refreshing her logo with something fresh and fun using colors that still conveyed professionalism. We then created her a new website invigorated with a clearer understanding of her story, her experience, the services she offers, and a very transparent look at what it’s like to work with a Coach. The result is an ongoing engagement that encomapsses content creation, ad-hoc design services, collateral, and social media.

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The Results