Essentia Strategy Group

The Challenge

Essentia Strategy Group is a business strategy firm that helps companies achieve their diversity, equity, and inclusion goals to build stronger, more innovative organization.

After identifying a need to re-position themselves to stand out from their increasing competition, as well as from the pseudo-experts with limited experience in the space. And as a team composed of several minorities, two D&I veterans, a legal expert, and a former operations manager, they needed a brand to properly convey their expertise.

Our Solution

Our engagement began with a day-long, in-depth brand identity workshop where we dissected the DIBC brand to get a holistic understanding of the firm. Using the knowledge we gained from this session, we developed a 20-page, comprehensive brand identity guidebook defining their core competencies as well as unique selling propositions, core values and mission statement, target audience, client personas, as well as voice and tone.

Following this workshop, we went through three rounds of ideation followed by client research and surveying to ultimately re-name the firm Essentia Strategy Group– a name inspired by their mission to help companies embed D&I into the fabric or essence of their organization. The logo we developed resembles this trait, with three multicolor rings woven together, creating a central core– just as D&I is the fabric that weaves an organization’s members together to form one enriched whole, greater than the sum of its parts.

In preparation for the website build, we produced a photo and video shoot for the firm, sourcing and hand-selecting models of various ethnicities and identities, representative of the diverse client pool that Essentia serves.

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The Results

Our rebranding experience exceeded our every expectation. The Notable team are creative professionals that are fun and truly inspiring to work with. They adhered strictly to the timeframe we set, and we are extremely pleased with our final product, which has helped increase our profile and company. What has impressed us the most is that since the project ended, not only do we have a new company name, visual brand, and website, but we now have a clear direction and strategic position for our firm. As a company, we were able to find our true north.

— Sarah Lee, Principal