The Challenge

As an industry leader in mobile advertising, and an official Inc 5000 company, Advertising Wheels came to us with a unique need. Having already established themselves as major players with the client roster to boot, they came to us in a crunch needing a website redo before a major press release. Having worked on their branding at the onset of their launch, we were able to capture their evolution in an updated web experience.

Our Solution

Being creatives themselves, the Advertising Wheels team came to us with a logo. Using it as a launching point, we elevated their design by playing up the yellow and black color motif with parallel lines reminiscent of traffic lane markings as a call back to their mobile advertising speciality. We kept to clean lines with lots of white space to draw the eye to the integrated videos on the website and the interactive motion elements as a nod to their “Always in View” slogan. This design also worked to keep the focus on their messaging, for which we helped with copy development.

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The Results