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Voosh was a spinoff from an enterprise software company that provided a B2B market with back-end PC optimization solutions to increase performance. The founders wanted to offer this service to small businesses and consumers, and created a scaled-down version targeted to individual PC users. With no marketing resources and determined to create a new revenue stream, the Silicon Valley founders came to Notable to develop new messaging and to package their offering.

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ENGAGEMENT #1: Branding & Web Design

Shifting a B2B software strategy to approach a consumer and SMB market required taking the brand focus from “How” to “Why”

Voosh came to Notable seeking a market strategy that would deliver a new revenue stream to an enterprise software company serving an IT market. The new spinoff product repackaged the enterprise product to target a consumer-driven audience, demanding a very different set of tactics. The tech-heavy branding of the original software wouldn’t appeal to the new audience, and the user interface would need to be changed to fit this tech-light audience.

The objective was to learn the ins and outs of the new audience, and to understand how to make a very complex product appeal to end-users instead of enterprise IT departments. Voosh was ready to invest heavily in advertising to attract customers, but before they drove an audience to the product and website, it was imperative to ensure both were poised to convert this new audience into buyers.

It was clear that Voosh’s traditional market (IT departments and tech personnel) were savvy and well-educated about the issues the software addressed. They were informed about the possible solutions, so most of Voosh’s messaging addressed questions about how they did what they did. B2B buyers understood the problem and they wanted the very best solution. Consumer buyers, on the other hand, wanted faster performance as a product - they didn’t need to know how it was delivered.

Consumers and small business buyers know when their PCs are running slow, and they can relate to the need to keep things working right, so the messages for this audience needed to focus heavily on the benefits to them. Essentially, the message had to shift from focusing on how Voosh did what it did to why customers needed Voosh. The focus shifted to outcomes: better wifi, faster streaming, less buffering and faster downloads. Those were things that would resonate with SMBs and consumers.

The Voosh spinoff team walked away with everything they needed to successfully launch the new product and onboard their first customers. We built a brand new site to explain the product and value proposition, created a revamped user interface that focused on key outcomes that resonated with this user group, and aligned the metrics dashboard to the redesigned graphic standards.

Beyond visuals, a go-to-market package was also developed, encompassing sample ads and copy, and included a customer onboarding sequence that went into detail using graphics and animations about how to set up and install the software. The sequence pushed customers through their free trial process, offering personalized data demonstrating results and reminding them to upgrade when their trial was coming to an end.

The Process

Clarity and simplicity in design helped turn a complex enterprise software product into a consumer and small business necessity.

Voosh needed a brand that felt vibrant and alive, with elements signifying speed and motion to match the benefits of the software. The company was in a concept stage, so investing heavily in a complex mark wasn’t an option. Instead, we gave them a simple but versatile motif that could flex across use cases as needed without multiple custom assets. The new branding used gradients and fluid elements along with warm colors to evoke motion and energy, offering a solution that felt high-end without requiring a huge budget.

The B2B user interface felt techie and heavy, with data presented in ways that made sense to an internal IT department, but did not appeal to the consumer eye. The new dashboard aligned with the refreshed branding and was simplified to highlight key data that mattered to end users and to showcase improvement through progress bars placed front and center. Green was utilized to indicated positive increases, and the emphasis was on showing results rather than explaining each statistic.

The rebuilt website was simpler and sleeker, better geared for easy understanding by an audience of laypeople. Icons were sharpened and clarified, and white space drew the eye to the key benefits, highlighted with each image. The team spent extensive time parsing the existing site to cull the elements and patterns that made up core outcomes the new audiences would be interested in. Tech speak was eliminated, and the result was a streamlined and readable product site that was appealing and understandable.

For an IT savvy audience, “how it works” messaging was effective, but for Voosh’s new target audience, made up of consumers and small business users, identifying benefits (the WHY) was far more important. Users needed to understand immediately why they needed this product and to see the ways it would improve their day-to-day PC experience. The copy produced spoke to that need, and all of the complex IT language was translated into simple explanations of how to set up the product on a computer.

Along with the new brand identity, Notable architected a customer onboarding and conversion campaign that began with a free trial. The first email offered a visual walkthrough using animation and graphics to explain how to install Voosh. Once it was up and running, the company sent a second email, personalized with data that showed how the tool had improved the user’s PC performance. Finally, a third communication was sent to convert free trial users into subscribers.

Sample ad copy and graphics demonstrated how Voosh might spend their ad budget to target their two distinct audiences - consumers and small businesses / executives. While some of the messaging was the same, the subtle nuances demonstrated the key benefits important to each market segment and showcased those. The vibrant new branding was eyecatching and the graphics chosen highlighted each use case.

“They are not just practitioners in the design and digital space, they excel at the strategic thinking that lays behind the visual work that they produce. Our collaboration was challenging and rapidly moving, but to the credit of their excellent team, was executed to perfection as well as on-time and on-budget, and with communication that was open, honest, and direct. We would not hesitate for a moment to contract with Notable again – in fact, we look forward to the next opportunity to do so.”
DAVID LIPPY   |    Marketing Consultant, Voosh

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