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Floriss Group

Floriss Group, a global sales consultancy based in the US, came to Notable with a need for a brand that better represented the caliber of clients they served and the growth they envisioned in the next decade. Though the existing brand was strong, it didn’t adequately convey the unique market position Floriss occupied. They also needed an updated and streamlined web property that could serve both as an inbound lead generator and a portal to deliver their proprietary sales training program to clients.

Sector: Professional Services    |    Subtype: Consulting Firm

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ENGAGEMENT #1: Branding & Web Design

Approaching its tenth year in business, the Floriss brand needed an infusion of energy and personality to ignite its next decade of growth.

Floriss Group is a successful global sales consulting firm based in the US. They offer sales team consulting and training to a wide variety of tech and B2B sales teams, and they approached Notable to reposition after ten years in a rapidly evolving market. While the business was sucessful, the brand and visual identity did not convey their credibility and didn’t attract the level of customers and strategic partners they wanted, or the caliber of clients in their portfolio.

Notable was engaged for a brand refresh, a site rebuild, and a marketing activation strategy that would help them assert and build on their market position for the ensuing years. Floriss was also looking to distinguish their sub-brand, Collecting Wins, a certification and training program with an extensive collection of guidebooks and modules, and the company needed to incorporate a learning management system where they could provide password-protected access to training and resources.

To understand where a brand needs to go, it’s critical to find out exactly where they’ve been. It sounds trite, but the process of digging into a brand’s reason for being, team culture, and historical market position is a comprehensive undertaking that requires strategy and experience to do well. When we dug into Floriss, using one-on-one interviews, document and property review, workshops, and supplied white papers looking for insights, we found many.

The company’s CEO had an infectious and motivating energy that anchored the team and provided a sense of the characters and values the brand emodied. It became clear that the brand differentiator was service. This was a company steeped in the concept of servant leadership, putting customers first, and selling from a place of authenticity. The final requirement of the new brand was trust, a key element for a company whose industry was often associated with negativity.

Floriss went through an in-depth process that culminated in delivery not only of insights, but of the creative and technical expression of those insights in physical pieces that would serve the company as it scaled into the next decade. The refreshed visual brand conveyed energy, innovative thinking, and trust. The palatte - orange and blue, and the gradients employed - created a strong impression delivering on the company values.

The rebuilt web property took Floriss several steps from where they’d started, implementing several inbound lead-capture forms, using email automation to distribute the numerous white papers and assessments they used with potential clients, and creating a password-protected client portal through which they could deliver the newly branded sales training materials while protecting their intellectual property and giving clients a user-friendly experience.

The Process

By utilizing specific elements of the company’s distinct personality, we leveled up their offering, helping them break into new markets.

The engagement started with a deep dive into brand discovery, to uncover what made Floriss unique, and revealed what made the brand tick at its core: dedication to servant-leadership, trust in an industry where trust is lacking (sales), and customer-centricity. A new active logo symbolized growth while also alluding to their trademarked four-step training process. This geometric mark was brought to life with a lively and gradated orange, complemented by a deep blue, a color emblematic of trust.

That visual branding carried into collateral materials, including a logo for a sub-brand called Collecting Wins, a sales training program Floriss had been offering for a decade. By distinguishing this as a separate brand, Floriss paved the way for to productize and market that training. Each piece embodied the new brand’s energy and focus on trust and customer-centric delivery, derived directly from the personality of the team leadership and ethos they applied to running the company.

Uniform team and lifestyle photography created a consistent visual flow on both web and print collateral. Shot in a setting curated to fit their brand colors, the additional portraits of real clients brought life to the written testimonies on the website. In addition, the photography captured the sense of movement in the logo and materials, along with the vivacious personality of the company, and the trust so critical to their business.

Finally, the engagement rebuilt the Floriss website, back end, and client portal. We engineered numerous inbound lead capture forms, using email automation to give away free white papers and assessments to clients in exchange for their contact information. These leads fed a database where leads could be sorted by industry. A fully-functional client training portal was incorporated, allowing Floriss to protect their intellectual property and deliver their training program in a manner that was easy for their clients to use.

“We engaged Notable to complete our corporate rebranding along with a modern and interactive website. They immediately stood apart from the competition by demonstrating a sincere interest in understanding our goals and ensuring each deliverable provided the impact we expected. Notable is passionate about what they do, patient and thoughtful about how they communicate, and highly effective and efficient with their time.

Since our engagement, they continue to over-deliver and stand out as a valued and trusted partner. We enthusiastically recommend Notable to any company looking for a true marketing partner who is capable of taking your business to the next level.”
BETH RORES   |    Managing Director

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