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Production Manager

Production Manager

Date Posted:
April 3, 2023

About us

Notable is a strategic marketing and communications firm for B2B organizations. We specialize in brand strategy, content development, and design, and our firm is best known for our ability to make complex (often technical) companies more approachable, lovable, and sellable.

​Our clients – predominantly operating in niche segments of the professional services, technology, sciences, and health care innovation sectors – lean on us to help them generate pipeline, accelerate sales, secure fundraising, and bring new offerings to market with unrivaled speed and efficiency.    We achieve these outcomes through our battle-tested brand strategy and product marketing frameworks, as well as our content marketing programs that place our clients’ content in channels where their niche buyers can be reached.

Job Description

The Production Manager is the owner of Notable’s time-based media output. This position is for a storyteller who can work with a number of clients at a given time to craft recorded conversations and interviews into narrative-driven, highly-produced, branded videos and podcast episodes - often on a recurring basis. You are fluent in the tools and workflows needed to shape raw video and audio into engaging and compelling content that is tailored for a wide variety of distribution channels, and are at home working within the latest platforms that bring the client’s message to their audience.

Given the nature of our firm, you will be working with clients over extended periods of time, developing close rapport with their teams, and gaining a strong understanding of their industries. Working alongside the Content and Design teams, you will be instrumental in bringing the client’s literal voice directly to their clients.

As a Production Manager you will have the opportunity to define the processes and workflows necessary to sustainably deliver high quality audio and video content, and serve a key role in expanding Notable’s content offerings that we can use to further the client’s message. Your expertise in the field of audio and video production will be relied on for sourcing external resources to fill any needs that a project may bring with it, such as animation or voiceover talent.

This position is an invitation for an experienced audio and video producer to level up into a manager role by defining and building out the delivery pipeline for a major part of Notable’s offerings, and to grow the production team alongside increasing client needs.

Responsibilities & Key Result Areas (KRAs)

Your skills will be employed across the following Key Result Areas (KRAs), which are the five (5) distinct deliverable areas that you will be held accountable to and assume ownership for:

1. Content Repurposing

Notable’s content engine is powered by interviews conducted by the Content Strategist that feature a client’s proprietary subject matter expert. These conversations help to cement a client’s place as a thought leader within their industry, and yield hours of raw audio and video content.

The Production Manager position tasks you with taking the raw long-form videos and working alongside the Content and Design teams to amplify the message within by generating up to a month’s worth of branded social content such as captioned video clips, microvideos, and audiograms.

  • Edit long-form video such as recorded Zoom conversations and interviews into high quality branded and captioned video content for social media platforms such as LinkedIn and YouTube.
  • Work alongside the Content Strategist and Content Manager to identify key talking points and extract clips from the long-form video that reinforce the narrative set by the Content Team.
  • Work closely with the Design Team to produce any necessary graphic assets that may be needed to support the video and audio content.
  • Be on the lookout for new and innovative ways of repurposing the source material and to further amplify its reach.


The act of repurposing the recorded output of the subject matter expert (SME) interviews is the key to Notable’s content engine. You will bring an immense amount of value to the time invested by the client by amplifying a two-hour conversation into a month’s worth of social media content. 

Microvideos and Audiograms are a relatively new addition to the social media landscape, and this brings plenty of potential for innovation and opportunities for creative exploration to their execution.

2. Video Production Management

This is where your wealth of experience and accumulated video editing skills are given a spotlight. These highly-produced, one-of-a-kind video projects include high visibility pieces such as brand anchor videos and are truly multidisciplinary productions.

Use any tools at your disposal such as Notable’s Design and Content teams to source the necessary assets, storyboard sequences, or generate engaging copy. Utilize external resources such as animators and illustrators to bring your vision to life.

  • Oversee and manage special video projects on a case-by-case basis - identify an approach that is best suited to fulfill a client’s need, and see through the execution.

  • Brand anchor videos
  • Software explainer videos
  • UI demonstration videos
  • Onboarding tutorials
  • ~Work closely with the Design team to communicate any graphic asset needs that arise during a project. 
  • ~Work alongside the Content team to produce the storyboard, copy, and voiceover script as needed.
  • ~Aid in selecting, managing and providing direction and feedback to any external resources brought on to address specific project needs, such as illustrators, animators, or other specialists.


The variety offered by ad hoc client needs and requests often provides an opportunity to try your hand at something new, or to lean on a fundamental skill in a focused way. These projects break up the pace of the recurring projects and often present fun professional challenges.

This is the area where your multidisciplinary and project management skills can come to the forefront and become sharpened and refined through the experience of addressing a variety of video and audio editing needs.

3. Podcast Production Management

Podcast production is the latest addition to Notable’s content program, and we are relying on your expertise to help build this offering from the ground up and to define a workflow that ensures Notable’s capability to sustainably deliver scheduled episodes at a high degree of quality for multiple clients at a time. 

This will be a team effort involving the entirety of the Creative Services department, as you work with the Design team on producing supporting graphic assets and the Content team on facilitating the recording process, and providing input for storyboarding and scripting.

  • Define and optimize the workflows and processes necessary for delivering quality podcast episodes on a recurring basis.
  • Perform the editing and production work needed to take interview and conversation recordings from raw audio/video all the way through to a polished podcast episode.
  • Set up and run the recording sessions for the conversations and interviews. Facilitate recording sessions by providing technical guidance to ensure the subjects have a good experience, and troubleshoot any potential issues.
  • Source and manage any needed external resources such as voiceover talent or music producers.
  • Post the completed podcast episodes to their intended distribution channels and monitor performance.


Your expertise will be instrumental in bringing Notable’s podcast offering into reality. From helping to define the process, sourcing external help to fill any skill set gaps, and to eventually serving a key role in building out the production department.

You will be bridging the gap between the client’s internal subject matter experts and their audience in a very direct way that builds a personal connection through voice and the spoken word.

4. Distribution & Publishing

This position oversees the production of Notable’s time-based media output from concept through to delivery, and requires a proficient level of understanding and awareness of the current publishing and distribution platform landscape. Monitoring the performance and analytic reports of published content will also fall under the responsibility of the Production Manager role, as having this vantage will facilitate the further optimisation.

  • Expand your familiarity and stay up-to-date with the relevant distribution channels and their audiences.
  • Publish video content on YouTube, working alongside the Design team to produce video thumbnails and any other required graphic elements.
  • Publish audio content on Anchor and other relevant audio distribution platforms.
  • Monitor the performance of published content and analyze data in order to optimize and grow the efficacy of future posts. Generate performance reports for periodic client updates.


The landscape of content production is evolving rapidly, and your natural interest in following trends and developments in this area will make you a critical member of Notable’s team. From suggesting new formats to expanding the distribution platforms we rely on, you’ll be the driver of the company’s audio/video content offerings. 

5. Building Out the Production Team

As Notable’s client roster grows and audio / video production needs increase, the Production team will be keeping up with demand by expanding. You will have the opportunity to grow your team to meet rising demand and maintain a sustainable workload for each team member. As well as helping to grow the internal team, you will be able to source and manage external production resources that supplement any bandwidth needs or fill any skill gaps necessary for ongoing projects. 

  • Ensure that the production team is able to sustainably keep up with client workload by growing the team to keep up with demand.
  • Augment the Production team’s capabilities by bringing in highly specialized external production resources to fill any internal skill gaps on a per-project basis, such as voiceover talent, animators, or illustrators.


This is an opportunity to help shape and grow the Notable team. As the client roster grows, our team will grow alongside it, and we will be looking to bring in high-achieving and motivated professionals that feel right at home in, and solidify our company culture. 



Success in this role will be most dependent upon the blending of these skill sets:

  1. Video and Audio Editing Proficiency

    Your robust editing skill set covers both the video and audio side of production, and is translatable to a wide range of deliverables, from Microvideo and Audiograms to long-form video showpieces and sonically rich podcast episodes.
  1. Project and Team Management Experience

    You are able to direct, oversee, and execute a project from concept, through execution, and on to final implementation. You are capable of leading a team while providing guidance, setting expectations, and defining efficient workflow along the way. You have a network of external colleagues and contacts you can call upon to fill any capability gaps when a project calls for highly specialized work.
  1. Understanding of Distribution Platforms

    You feel at home working in the current content distribution platform landscape, and are able to deliver a project that is optimized for its intended channel and its accompanying audience. You feel comfortable monitoring the performance of a piece of content and extracting relevant feedback in order to optimize future performance.


While we encourage candidates with diverse experience to apply, we anticipate that candidates coming from these backgrounds are likely to possess the skills this role requires and therefore find it to be a natural fit:

  • Full-Time Freelance Video Editor

    You have built and maintained relationships with many diverse clients across different industries, and are able to adapt and work within a variety of visual styles and tones of voice. You have developed and optimized your workflows and processes to meet your clients’ needs efficiently, and now you’re ready to scale your approach and methods within a larger operation.
  • In-House Audio / Video Producer

    Whether you lead, or have been part of a multimedia team within a small company or non-profit organization, you have had extensive hands-on experience with every aspect of audio and video production, from recording all the way through to distribution. You understand how each step of the process fits into the whole, and know what to do at each stage to facilitate the next.


As in any company, daily duties can change as the business grows and evolves. That’s why we group daily responsibilities into Key Result Areas, which are also known as KRAs. These are the overarching business functions that you will be responsible for and assume ownership of; the day-to-day duties that comprise your role will all fall into one of these categories, which we will describe in detail in the following pages.

  1. Content Repurposing
  1. Video Production Management
  1. Podcast Production Management
  1. Distribution and Publishing
  1. Building out Production Team

Qualifications for This Role

While no single ingredient ensures success, there are a few hard skills that are required to excel in this role.


At Notable, we believe that your portfolio and experience speaks for more than any certification or degree can, which is why we don’t require them at any level of our organization. Above all else, we hire based on the evidence of your work. The breadth of your experience and the strength of your portfolio (and the pieces exhibited within) should resemble the work you will be doing on a daily basis, or demonstrate an aptitude or transferable skills for it.

  • 5+ Years’ Experience

    Minimum of 5 years of previous experience in a video/audio editing or closely adjacent production position is required for this role. Experience in managing projects at every stage of the process is a must-have, with leadership and management aptitude being a big plus.
  • Portfolio with Video and Audio Production Samples

    Strong portfolio that includes both audio and video-centric pieces and showcases your attention to detail, high level of polish, and technical proficiency. We are looking for a producer with a proclivity for storytelling and weaving together a strong narrative experience. 
  • Software Skills

    Proficiency in industry-standard software including but not limited to:
  1. Video: Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro
  2. Audio: Adobe Audition, Logic Pro, Audacity
  3. Podcasting: Descript, Riverside
  • Communication Skills

    Strong written and spoken communication skills in English.


What it takes to thrive and find success here:

  • Organized and Efficient

    You have refined your production workflow and it has become second-nature. Being able to keep track of multiple projects concurrently is no longer a challenge for you.

  • Detail Oriented

    You notice the small details, and how each small decision contributes and affects the larger narrative which it serves. Consistency is an important aspect of your practice.




This position is an L2 Designation, which is a Part-Time role. L2 (Part-Time) staff are generally skilled individual contributors or tacticians, or line managers overseeing narrow, specialized functions (e.g. UI design, animation, reporting) that either do not have a team, or are composed of a small group of other L2s or freelancers. 

Candidates applying for L2 roles generally fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Established Freelancers or Independent Consultants who yearn to be a part of larger organization and team to take advantage of the team environment, benefits of employment status, sponsored professional development, and consistency of work to help balance out slow periods in their self-employed workload while still maintaining some autonomy outside of Common Working Hours.
  1. Work-Optional Individuals who may not necessarily need to work (e.g. military spouses, stay at home parents, or retired entrepreneurs), who do not rely upon Notable for a full-time income, but are seeking a role that allows them to practice their craft without the commitment of a full 40-hour workweek.
  1. Freelancers Open to a Full-Time Role, who are currently working full-time in a self-employed capacity and are interested in taking advantage of the benefits of #1, but who are also open to and motivated by the prospect of their involvement growing into a full-time, salaried position if the demand warrants it. 


This role guarantees at least 15-25 hours of consistent work per week and requires this amount of availability as a standard weekly commitment. Around 20% of the time, there will be longer weeks nearing 20 or slightly more hours of work, and on occasion, there may be lighter weeks whereby your work may be completed in slightly less than 15 hours. Payment will be based on the actual hours worked, and will be reflected in detail in your Time Sheets. In the case that client workload or internal work does not consume a full 15 hours, if you notify your supervisor, we will fill the deficit of guaranteed hours with internal project work upon your request.


While we have staff across the globe and in a number of domestic time zones too, this doesn’t change the fact that most of our clients run on Eastern Time, and our ability to be available to them is crucial. 

To that extent, all of our Full-Time staff adhere to Common Working Hours, wherein they are online and fully reachable between the hours of 11:00 am – 4:00 pm EST, working their remaining three hours (which we call a “Flex Block”) during a time of their choosing, either before or after Common Working Hours, or split between the two. For Part-Time L2 employees, we ask that their working coincide with the Common Working Hour block to enable collaboration with L1 staff who are online during this time. Your exact time window, whether it is consistent or varies by the day, can be discussed with and agreed upon by your team and supervisor.

This is not a position for staff who already have a primary occupation and are looking to “moonlight” or work “on the side.” This fashion of working will not yield the consistent availability that this position demands.

Note, at Notable, “online” means in a permanent location (desk, coworking space, etc.) suitable for taking video calls with clients and colleagues, available on-demand for instant responses to messages, emails, and ad-hoc meetings/collaboration.


In this position, you will have several standing meetings that recur at the same time and each week to check in with team members, share project updates, and/or connect with clients or supervisors. Some of these meetings will be scheduled directly with your supervisor and team, pending everyone’s collective availability, but at minimum, this position will require consistent availability for these standing meetings:

  • Mondays from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm EST // Client Services All-Team Meeting
  • Daily Standup with supervisor


This is a Part-Time L2 role which offers, if the candidate is interested, the potential (not guarantee) to eventually transition into an L1, Full-Time salaried position. Full-Time offers may be extended to L2 staff whose positions are consistently demanding more than 25 hours of work per week, wherein our company’s foreseeable workload warrants the conversion of the role from a Part-Time L2 designation to a Full-Time L1 role, with a fixed salary and a 40-hour standard workweek. The decision to convert a role from an L2 to an L1 is entirely at the company’s discretion, and generally will not occur before the completion of a 90-day period in which fit has been demonstrated both in company culture and quality of service delivery.

If your ability to fill this position is contingent upon the potential of this role becoming Full-Time, we advise not applying for the position, or making it expressly clear in the application process so that this can be discussed with the Hiring Manager on a case-by-case basis.


Long-term, this position will report to the Head of Creative Services - a position that will be filled in the next 6 months. Currently, this position reports directly to Kyle Karnes, Interim Head of Creative Services. Kyle will also be your guide and keeper of institutional knowledge. Our head of content strategy will be your “internal client”. For creative feedback, the Design Manager will be your sounding board and collaborator.


Staff are welcome to engage in freelance/contract work or side projects at their own discretion, so long as these activities do not take away from their ability to perform their agreed upon commitments to Notable.

This means:

  • Not communicating with or working on freelance clients during Common Working Hours
  • Not communicating with freelance clients or working on “side projects” during your Flex Block
  • Prioritizing Notable first and foremost as your primary place of employment
  • Not working in direct conflict or competition with any qualified Notable clients or prospects


Our firm’s digital presence – namely our website and Linkedin – play an integral role in the initial impressions we make on prospective clients and potential new hires alike. In short, how we show up online directly impacts the clients and talent we attract. At Notable(Malik Media LLC dba Notable), we share a mutual understanding of and appreciation for the fact that our associates are ambassadors of our brand and play a critical role in shaping our holistic digital presence. 

As such, all L1, L2, and L3 staff are expected to represent themselves under the Notable brand as follows:

  • Showcasing your role at Notable on your LinkedIn profile
  • Showcasing your bio and headshot on the “Team” page of our website
  • Potentially participating in blog, video or other thought leadership content, including but not limited to participating in company videos or podcasts, as well as posting these clips to your own profile as a part of a larger, coordinated content marketing strategy to promote our firm’s activities and brand


As a remote team distributed across the globe, we don’t see each other in person often. Because we are human, and because there are numerous studies exploring the way human beings connect and communicate, we believe that seeing each other is a key part of building excellent relationships with co-workers and with clients. Though cameras-on is the expectation in every meeting, meeting leaders may opt to switch cameras and mics off temporarily during ideation components of a meeting or work session, as research demonstrates that while seeing each other is critical, it can also be distracting while trying to ideate. 


As a global team, for some, there is a learning curve to adapting to accents of our international colleagues. Please acknowledge that your ESL colleagues are demonstrating immense commitment and respect to your culture by speaking English. Be kind and polite if something needs to be repeated. But moreso, as you’re getting adjusted, turn the captions on in Google Meets. They aren’t always accurate but they’re close.



This is a part-time position with an hourly wage of $17 per hour for roughly 15-25 hours per week. Payments will take place on a bi-weekly basis via direct deposit, and exact payment amounts will be based upon actual hours worked as reflected in the detailed Time Sheets that you will be required to submit at the end of each week. 


In this role, your work will be performed in a Contractor capacity, wherein you will be required to withhold your own state, local, federal, and any other applicable taxes. Upon joining, you will be required to complete several forms including our Professional Services Contract and Nondisclosure Agreement, as well as a Form W8-BEN to ensure proper reporting for taxation purposes with both the IRS and your regional and/or national tax authority.


Entrepreneurialism is a core value of our company. A staple of entrepreneurialism is reward in exchange for effort, which is why we believe in aligning our compensation models and incentives to the efforts made by employees in order to improve the top line growth of our firm. To that end, we offer generous commissions of up to 10% of total Project Fees or 50% of a client's first month’s Retainer Fees for identifying new prospective clients and referring them into the firm.



Some employees thrive in the morning, while others are night owls. We honor this. Common Working Hours are from 11:00 am - 4:00 pm EST, but outside of these hours, employees can work the remainder of their hours when they choose.


As a company, we are committed to the growth and development of our team, and as such, we encourage you to actively pursue courses, conferences, and other education that will aid in refining your craft and sharpening your professional skill set. At the company’s discretion and for CE programs that align to the long-term focus of our company and its offerings, the company is often willing to provide partial or potentially full reimbursement for participation in these programs. In exchange, we ask for a short summary presentation to your team to inform them about your experience, share key learnings, and recommend tactical actions that our team can implement using what you learned.


While Notable takes pride in our remote culture, we also value the importance of face-to-face interaction for team bonding, shared learning, and jamming out on creative challenges that sometimes just require a whiteboard and Post It notes. We host annual and semi-annual team retreats where teammates can partake in strategy workshops, team bonding activities, and leisure time to catch up with colleagues over drinks or a meal. We aim to explore a new city each retreat.

Job Title:
Production Manager
Job Level:
L2: Part Time
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$17 USD / Hour
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Close Date:
July 1, 2023
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