True North Financial Advisors

The Challenge

True North Financial Advisors approached our team at the birth of their firm, needing an agency to help establish their brand identity and web presence. After decades of serving as a CFO for multibillion dollar companies, Mike Stoner (President) and his team needed a brand identity that accurately reflects their extensive experience as well as their strong core beliefs. They also needed a team that could put a creative, yet professional twist on the "True North" logo without it looking like a compass.

Our Solution

We began our work with True North by focusing on the visual identity of the firm, utilizing navy blue and gold to convey trust and prosperity, two pillars of the firm's brand promise. We then integrated this color palette into a logo design that subtly reflects the northern direction while easily fitting on letterhead to accommodate the frequent memos dispatched by financial firms. After finalizing the visual identity, we expanded these elements into a sleek new, fully responsive website.

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The Results