Pixel Perfect Ventures

The Challenge

Pixel Perfect Ventures is a venture capital fund for early-staged technology companies seeking seed investments.

Formed by a group of entrepreneurs and former executives from companies including Adobe, United Health Group, and Rally Health, Pixel approached us to build a website that would solidify their brand and communicate their credibility to prospective portfolio companies as well as other venture capital firms looking to co-invest alongside PPV.

Our Solution

Coined by partner Rhett Woods, the former VP of Creative Marketing at Adobe and a veteran product designer, “Pixel Perfect” is a nod to the important role that clean, precise, and non-distracting design plays in user experience for software companies. Adopting this mindset, we built a clean website with graphic elements that allude to the firm’s name and the inspiration behind it. So as to not distract, we avoided stock imagery to “fill the space,” instead capitalizing on white space to enhance and complement these pixel-style assets.

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The Results