Billy Goldberg Partners

The Challenge

Billy Goldberg Partners is a collective of Fortune 500 business strategists come together to form their own consultancy to help companies identify white space and actualize innovative ideas.

BGP approached us to develop a visual identity, as well as a website to showcase their collective brainpower and portfolio of work.

Our Solution

With their logo– a simple typeface accompanied by a fairly ambiguous period– being the only brand asset to work from, we dug into the brand to create a story out of the mark that we could extrapolate into a meaningful and distinctive design style. A differentiator of BGP is their extensive network of companies and high-value individuals, a network which they utilize to facilitate new relationships and strategic partnerships for their clients, allowing them to catalyze growth.

Playing off of this theme of connecting ideas and people– i.e. “connecting the dots”– we turned this symbol from a simple yellow period into a symbol of nexus. We then extrapolated this into an entire visual aesthetic, which prominently manifests itself in the modern and interactive website we developed for them.

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The Results