The Challenge, an innovative label printing and production scheduling software company, came to us in need of a new visual identity and website to support the next step of their brand aspirations. We knew we needed to create something that clearly demonstrates the value of a sophisticated business model based on predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, an industry-leading batching heuristic and easy to understand product for potential clients. They already had a leg up on the competition with a game-changing algorithm that optimizes their client’s operations and affects their bottom line, we simply stepped in to help them look like the titans of industry they’re poised to become.

Our Solution

We started by creating a vibrant new logo, one that reflects the personality of the company and the team while subtly communicating their industry. From there, we created a set of cohesive brand guidelines to lay the foundation for the entire brand identity and began building a fully responsive website. In addition to creating something visually compelling, we outfitted their website with additional features like a user friendly content management system and MailChimp integration to help them scale into the next phase of their business.

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The Results

Notable was a perfect partner to work with. We were launching a new product and needed branding and a website turned around in just a month. From the start, they streamlined the otherwise tedious parts of the process to make the most of the our time. They worked seamlessly with our team and other partners we were leveraging for other steps.

We would definitely recommend Notable for any aspect of branding, marketing, and website development. Notable delivered over and above what we expected and helped set us up for successes we would not have had line of sight to without them.

-Paul Bessire, COO