What's in it for your clients:

Up Front Pricing 

Sourcing your client’s vendors can be a cumbersome task. With all-inclusive packages that offer transparent pricing, we’ve eliminated bidding wars and the RFP process to save you and your client valuable time.

Efficient Timelines

Our average Web Design + Branding project takes about two months to complete. That means you and your client can keep other marketing efforts moving instead of getting held up in rebranding purgatory.

Self-Manageable Websites 

Our websites are designed to be a true asset, not a maintenance liability. We build in platforms that make self-management easy for you and your client, only requiring our help for more substantial design changes. 

Foundations Built for Growth 

A rebrand is only as effective as the efforts taken to evolve and maintain it. With ongoing services like Design Concierge and Content Marketing, we offer everything you or your client could need to protect and grow their brand over time.

Proven Process and Results

We own our niche, and our  Case Studies demonstrate that fact. From new client acquisition to successful exits, our creative work builds the kind of credibility and appeal that yields tangible results for your clients.

What's in it for you:

Partnerships, not Projects

A good partnership is a relationship, not just a project stream. Our goal is to be a creative extension that enables you to bring more value to your client, and recipricoly, we bolster your value as a consultant. 

Depth of Capabilities

For clients with needs that exceed our packages, our parent company, Aggregate, can accommodate more complex builds and deeper tech stacks. More information about Aggregate will be available during Partner onboardings

By and for consultants.

We understand the challenge our Partners face translating strategy into creative. As consultants ourselves, this agency is a brainchild of our parent consultancy, Aggregate, founded to bridge this gap for our friends in the industry.

Building Community 

When you become a Partner, you join an extensive community of vetted marketing consultants. We curate content specifically for our Partner network, fueled by our own consulting work at our parent consultancy, Aggregate.

Win-win Commission

Good work should be compensated accordingly. We offer a 10% commission model on the first project, then 5% commission on all other creative work received in the first year of servicing the client. That’s our idea of a win-win.

“They have an uncanny sense of understanding the direction we’re seeking through effective listening, then combining our vision with their fresh approach. They’ve brought forward clean and beautiful designs that have elevated our brand.”

Meghan Dauer
Director of Marketing
Ackermann and Associates

Interested in joining the Blue Chip network?

How to Get Started: 

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2. Introductory Call

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3. Partner Orientation

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